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Yoga lady balancing. Bringing the Standard in Balance Assessment to the Westside.
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NeuroCom Balance System
Outpatient Rehabilitation

The NeuroCom Balance Master System

The Rehab Department of the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills offers the NeuroCom Balance Master System. This comprehensive system provides objective assessment and retraining of the sensory and voluntary motor control of balance. The Centre is the only Medicare-approved rehab facility on the westside to feature this equipment.

With this system, the clinician can assess resident’s performing various tasks through visual biofeedback on either a stable or unstable support surface. This objective data aids in the design of an effective treatment program that focuses on the specific sensory and motor components underlying a resident’s functional limitations.

This cutting-edge technology allows the clinician to accurately identify and clearly document progress and treatment results for many sensory and motor impairments including the following:

• Sensory Organization
• Motor Control
• Limits of Stability
• Weight Bearing/Squat
• Unilateral Stance


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