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Therapy Services

Therapy services include evaluation, treatment planning and implementation, discharge planning, as well as prepared reports detailing progress. Treatments will include training in activities of daily living, functional skills, motor development, compensation techniques, and use of adaptive equipment and splinting.

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Interdisciplinary Approach
NeuroCom Balance Master System
Outpatient Rehabilitation

Therapy designed to optimize physical function

Physical Therapy
Designed to assist patients/residents regain strength, balance, and mobility and improved walking skills.
• Therapeutic Exercise
• Pain Control
• Prosthetic and Orthotic Training
• Ambulation with Assistive Devices

Occupational Therapy
Therapeutic activities intended to maximize the patient’s ability to participate in self-care and activities of daily living.
• Activities of Daily living Skill Development
• Adaptive Equipment Evaluation
• Cognitive-Perceptual Training
• Energy Conservation

Speech and Language Therapy
Provides therapeutic activities for individuals with speech, language or swallowing disorder to enhance or restore articulation, communication and efficiency of swallowing.
• Communication Skills
• Cognition and Memory Enhancement
• Oral-Motor Strengthening
• Dysphasia & Swallowing Management

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